What We Do NOT Do

The Develop Africa Team has created this page to help you understand what we do not do. The needs in Africa (and really worldwide) are tremendous. Many deserving communities and people are desperately looking for assistance online.
Much as we would like to help everyone who legitimately approaches us, this does not fall within our mandate. Given our focus, we are unfortunately unable to reply to every message or request that we get. If your request falls within one of the categories below, you probably will not receive a reply from the team.


  1. We do not encourage unsolicited requests for equipment, supplies, computers, miscellaneous materials, funding, etc.

  2. We do not fund individual college or school tuition / scholarships outside of the Promise of Hope Scholarship. This scholarship currently operates in specific schools / communities.


  3. We do not encourage specific requests to assist a deserving person you know – such as provide a mosquito tent, a scholarship etc.


  4. We do not encourage partnerships requests from organizations in Africa.


  5. We are not interested in financial deals involving incredulous amounts of bank transfers. Clear instructions are provided on this site on how to support this program.