The Promise of Hope Scholarship

Scholarships are very important... and life-changing. 

With this in mind, Develop Africa is creating opportunities for promising and underprivileged African children through the provision of scholarships.  The Promise of Hope Scholarship Program was established to address this need. This scholarship covers tuition and provides a stipend for books, registration and other supplies. This support is crucial as it enables children and youths to be able to stay in school - and continue their education. 

Mission: Creating opportunities for promising and deserving African children and youth through the provision of scholarships.

Scholarship Launch

The Promise of Hope Scholarships is about offering hope - to one child or youth at a time and hope to Africa

These children and youth, from low income families, are at risk and would otherwise drop out of school. This is an ongoing program with tremendous and far-reaching potential. This program helps to address the social and economic needs of less privileged and gifted children who are not able to attend school because they lack sufficient finances. The benefits are long-term as it provides an escape path from poverty.  It grants the children access to education --- an important key to personal change and development.
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The Big Picture:   It addresses humanitarian issues in Africa. It focuses on supporting the development and growth of children; the future leaders of Africa. It has an immediate and a long-term effect and holds great potential for impacting lives.
Specific Goals and Objectives 
  1. Make available essential tuition scholarships, school supplies, etc. for children and youth.
  2. Provide access to education for talented, underprivileged children and youth.
  3. Enable children to make progress towards educational goals and improve themselves.