Help Optimize Educational Opportunities - Cameroon


This CAPEC project provides education facilities to underprivileged rural children in Cameroon. The region has a low literacy rate, because parents put their children to work in farms instead of sending them to school.


This area is mainly rural and children face a lot of difficulties to obtain basic education. Even though the government created a school in Nkolfoulou, it has not supported it with adequate infrastructure and teachers. Parents have therefore preferred to use their children in farms. The school will benefit more than 1,000 poor and orphan children from Nkolfoulou village, and children from other neighboring villages of Baaba, Ntinga, Nkabo, Eboko, and Essebi Villages - where there is no school.


Project goal: provision of a decent education. The project activities comprise the construction of classrooms, a library, a staff room, a hall and volunteer hostel. It includes the provision of scholarships, books and school supplies for pupils.

Long-Term Impact

More than 1,000 orphan and underprivileged children will get a decent education - transforming their lives and providing opportunities for growth, and contribution to national development. The school will benefit the entire community for life.

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