Help Educate Future Leaders in Liberia


Many families and schools in Liberia do not have the needed school resources to ensure that the children receive a quality education. Project will reinforce and boost education by providing the badly-needed supporting structure and resources. This will include the provision of scholarships, uniforms, school supplies, school furniture, classrooms and other targeted support.


Barren classrooms and run-down school facilities are not conducive to learning. The environment in many classrooms is insufficient and disabling. The schools are not able to support the development of progressive mindsets and exemplary leadership that Liberia and the world needs. Due to a lack of means, some children do not attend school at all. 84% percent of the population lives below the international poverty line (1.25 U.S. dollars/day), notably in rural areas (UN, 2013).


Project goal: provision of a strong and enriched education through schools in Liberia, with a focus on rural schools. The project activities include providing the supporting infrastructure and resources to ensure a quality education. This includes the provision of school furniture, scholarships, books and school supplies, uniforms, building repair, new classrooms, teacher salary supplements etc. This support will enable an ideal educational experience.

Long-Term Impact

Underprivileged children will get a decent education - transforming their lives and providing opportunities for growth, and contribution to national development. By upgrading the quality of education offered in schools, we will be helping to transform communities and the entire nation.

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