Empower Youths Through Computer Skills Training


This project sets up equipped computer labs and provides computer training to disadvantaged children and youth in Freetown who otherwise would not have the opportunity to acquire technology skills.


Thousands of at-risk youths and young adults in Sierra Leone have never used a computer, let alone received any basic training in Information Age skills. Through our training, youths will be able to become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs that they were previously unqualified for. There is a dire need for this form of training, available principally at commercial prices, which is beyond their reach. This helps bridge the Digital Divide and level the playing field.


This project provides a learning environment with access to computer equipment, office applications and the Internet where youth and young adults can gain the computer skills needed to be successful in school and to secure better jobs in the future.

Long-Term Impact

The project offers new opportunities for youths and young adults to become computer literate, viable and competitive in the market place, develop their careers, rise above poverty and contribute to national development.

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