Our Computer Training Helps Trainee Progress With Her Career

Following is an update about our project Empower Youths Through Computer Skills Training

We have together been providing computer training for several years now. As part of our review process, we contacted some of our previous trainees to find out if and how the training that we provided has helped them.  

As part of our continuous improvement process, we want to ensure that what we are doing is impacting their lives in both the short and long term. This validation process is also helping to guide our future plans.

Fatmata is one of the youths who benefited from the computer training we provided a couple years ago. She explains in this video that the computer training gave her the foundation that she needed for her current job.

She says in the video: "This has helped me progress with my career."

This training equipped her and made her computer proficient. Without this training, she would not be competent at her current job – that requires computer proficiency.

We empowered her together. Thanks for making a difference!

We are excitedly looking forward to expanding training options through our new computer lab. We invite you to learn more at our Creating Pathways Website.

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