Be a Champion

Be a champion!  Change a Life!
A champion is someone who empowers and enables

      One who engages in any contest; especially one who in 
      ancient times contended in single combat in behalf of
      another's honor or rights; or one who now acts or speaks
      in behalf of a person or a cause; a defender; an advocate;
      a hero.
(source: gcide)



As a Champion, you will become a part of a select group that helps us provide educational opportunities to Africa's children and youths. Champion membership donations are annual, excluding Lifetime Eagle.  Membership is open to individuals, families, groups, churches, organizations, businesses etc.


1.  You will receive exclusive, additional information about our activities
2.  You will be listed on this site as a "Champion"
3.  Every year, with your complete donation, you will receive a framed certificate that you can proudly display in your home / office.
4.  You will have the "priceless" and intangible satisfaction of knowing that you have done your part in changing the world and making a difference!


Champion Levels
  • Associate:  $1,000
  • Premier:   $2,500
  • Lion:  $5,000
  • Lifetime Eagle: $20,000 (One time donation or total donations of $20,000 or more.)   

    Get started today with your first donation.  Be sure to add a note that this is towards Champion membership