Bitame Lucia Students Celebrate National Youth Day

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During the second term of the 2015/2016 academic year, students at Bitame Lucia International School participated in and enjoyed many activities and celebrations.

In Cameroon, the entire nation annually celebrates National Youth Day mobilizing the next generation of leaders. This celebration instills them with pride and the knowledge that their uniqueness plays an important role for their future advancement.

During the week of National Youth Day, the theme in Cameroon was: YOUTH, CITIZENSHIP TO FIGHT AGAINST BOKO HARAM. Due to the instability of security around the country from terrorism, the government passed a decree suspending inter-school competitions for fear of gathering large crowds and thereby inviting insurgency of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Thus, Bitame Lucia students only participated in inter-class competitions at the school – from the nursery section to the primary section. Quizzes were organized for Classes 3-6. For the pre-nursery to nursery and Classes 1-2, little interaction games such as “Pick and Drop” were organized. After the competitions, the best pupils were awarded prizes.

On February 11, 2016, Bitame Lucia International School went out to the stadium to commemorate National Youth Day with their counterparts from other institutions in the country. They participated in match pass alongside other schools that were selected to represent particular areas of every sub-division. Bitame Lucia was selected again this year because of their great performance last year. See the photos of the students proudly marching in their unique school colors.

Participation in inter-school competitions such as football (Soccer) games, handball for both the boys and girls, and school excursions is dependent upon each school’s financial ability to support extra-curricular activities.

This academic year, Bitame Lucia was able to provide their students with excursions that enriched them culturally. The children were afforded the experience of visiting the National Museum and the National Radio House. See the photos of the children on these excursions.

After a very busy period, from February 1st to the 11th, Bitame Lucia students are studiously preparing for their end-of-term examinations.

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