BBC Focus On Africa Highlights The Supporting Role of The Centre

Following is an update about our project Educational Lifeline For 100 Pregnant Girls

The ladies received a visit in March from Umaru Fofana, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Journalist in Sierra Leone.  He was delighted to see how we are supporting the girls during this transition season in their lives.  He interviewed some of the girls and Abu, who oversees the program.  

Bendu tells us in the interview:

When I became pregnant it was really difficult for me at that time because there was nobody by my side until I gave birth and I had no support to go back to school. Somebody with vision to learn not allowing her to go to school, it was not a easy thing. They really made us to feel very bad and left out – stigmatised while fellow students, my friends, my classmates are far ahead of me now. By being part of the center, I know that they are bringing back my future to me. They are telling me that I am somebody. They have given me life again.

Please listen to the March 28th BBC audio recording on Youtube.  You can also read a full transcript of audio brodcast (PDF).

This highlight by the BBC emphasizes the important role that you are playing through your support.  Because of you - these young women are able to have hope in the future.  

The young ladies in the Centre are doing well and working hard.  In the Computer lab sessions, the girls have learned how to create a Table of Contents in MS Word.  This included a demonstration and practical sessions on the following:

  • Create different levels of headings inside the document.
  • Insert a table of content at the beginning of the document.
  • How to Update Table of Contents - headings and page numbers

The JSS classes are also learning about:

  • multiplication in Mathematics,
  • prepositions in Language Art, and
  • types of energy in Integrated Science.

The SSS classes are also working on:

  • double entry in Financial Accounting,
  • simplification in Mathematics,
  • Reading including newspapers and magazines in English Language and
  • prepositions in Language Art
  • History

As you can see, it's a busy time or learning and progress at the Centre.  We are super excited at what the future has in store for these special ladies.

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