After School Lesson Program Helps Children

Following is an update about our project Educate the Next Generation of Leaders in Freetown

On Wednesday March 9th, 2016, there were 87 children present for the After School Lesson Program - supported through our donors. While this was a good number of kids, this number is considered low attendance.

The current drop in attendance is due to the fact that schools are in an examination season. Many kids are home preparing for their exams. The current exams are to mark the end of first term in this 2 term academic year. We are expecting to have a surge in attendance when schools reopen in April for the last semester in the 2016 school year.

The program diligently continues to help children better understand their regular schooling. This increases their comprehension and promoting chances. We concentrate on the school syllabus approved by the Ministry of Education to support children’s education.

In March, we have placed emphasis on the revision of what the kids have learned in the various subjects - especially the subjects that will be tested the following days.

You can see the kids that you help to support in this video. In these coaching lessons, the kids receive special coaching, at different levels, to strengthen their comprehension and educational foundation. The kids are able to ask questions and learn at their own pace.

Your donation and support play a vital role - providing the supplies (notebooks, pencils, chalk etc.), benches and the stipends paid to the teachers each month.

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